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Lincoln Police Officers wore the five pointed
star badge starting around 1915.

Badge Courtesy of Kevin Sommers (LPD)

Photo from the 1915 City of Lincoln Annual Report

1911 Lincoln Police handwritten log

Lincoln Police are sent to the Sigma Nu fraternity at 11:00 AM, 1527 M Street because someone left a baby at their door. A note is left with the baby saying "Kind friends this is a legitimate child born of strong parents. His father died 2 months before this baby's birth and I the mother have been thrown on my own resources and I am forced to make my own living. Please either give or find a good home for this little fellow. LPD sends officers who then ask for an "auto" as they can't transport the child and his clothing by themselves. Matron Doyle is sent to help. Document is from the hand written logs kept by the Lincoln Police officer in charge.

Courtesy of Nebraska State Historical Society

1910 Stationery used by the Lincoln Police Department

Letter denotes receipt by the owner of the German Club of the return of liquor and spirits taken in a raid on December 11, 1910. The envelope pinned to the letter is the original property receipt the officers completed when they removed the items from the club. The pin appears to be the forerunner of the paperclip. Document was found in the back cover of the handwritten Lincoln Police logs dated 1910-1911.

Courtesy of Nebraska State Historical Society