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Lincoln, Nebraska
Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch is a tried, tested and proven program involving cooperation between citizens and the police. In Neighborhood Watch, you are encouraged to work with your neighbors and report suspicious activity and crime to the police. This cooperation between citizens and the police has resulted in a decrease of crime in the Neighborhood Watch group areas.

Cripple the Crime Triangle

Three elements are necessary for a crime to occur. These three elements are Ability, Desire and Opportunity. There is very little that a citizen can do to impact a criminal's ability or desire to commit a crime. What a citizen can do, however, is to limit criminal opportunity. The Education and Personnel Unit of the Lincoln Police Department can show you how to reduce criminal opportunity, which in turn, will reduce your chances of becoming a crime victim. By investing a small amount of your time, you can become the eyes and ears of the police department. Together we can help reduce the crime in your neighborhood.

It's as easy as One, Two, Three...

One... Contact your neighbors and determine if interest in starting a Neighborhood Watch group exist.

Two... Contact the Education and Personnel Unit of the Lincoln Police Department. Our telephone number is 441-7261. You will be sent a Neighborhood Watch start up kit, which contains a group roster sheet, a Neighborhood Watch book and window stickers.

Three... The last step is to go back to your neighbors and gather the needed information for the group roster. Then return the roster to the Lincoln Police Department Education and Personnel Unit to activate your group. Once your group has been activated, you will be sent the needed materials to supply your group.