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The Victim Witness Unit is a comprehensive Victim Assistance program in the Lincoln Police Department providing free services to victims of crime defined as a person who has suffered physical, sexual, financial, or emotional harm as a result of the commission of a crime. The crimes of homicide, felony assault, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, crimes against children, and domestic violence cases receive our primary emphasis. We also serve people over the age of 60 who have been victimized in either a felony or misdemeanor crime.

The Victim Witness Unit provides crisis intervention services and written information notifying victims of their rights as victims of crime. Additional services provided to victims on request include follow-up short term emotional support; criminal justice related services; assisting crime victims with managing practical problems created by the victimization; increase victim's understanding of and participation in the criminal justice system; The Unit staff provides victims of crime with a measure of safety and security by assisting with crime victim impact statements, protection orders, information on VINE NE, address confidentiality and case status.

The Victim Witness Unit's office hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. (402) 441-7181 Voice mail answers the telephone after hours. Callers have the option of having calls forwarded to the LPD Service Desk. The Victim Witness Unit's referral number is on the back of all LPD officers and LSO deputies business cards.

We feel victims and witnesses of a crime often are not addressed with the dignity and compassion deserved. The Lincoln Police Department created the Victim Witness Unit to better serve the citizens of Lincoln/Lancaster County. We are your helping hands through the criminal justice system.

Support Services Provided by LPD Victim Witness Unit

The Victim Witness Unit is a free public service offering information, practical assistance and crisis intervention to victims of all types of crime in Lincoln and Lancaster County. Listed below are some of the services available.

  • Crisis intervention/advocacy. After a crime occurs, it is common for a victim to feel angry or frightened. Often people are uncertain how to go about repairing their lives and wonder if their strong feelings and concerns are normal. Our staff and trained volunteers are available to assist with these and other crime related concerns.

  • Information and assistance in filing crime victim's reparation forms. Where there has been physical injury, victims may qualify to apply for crime victim's compensation. Check with your insurance company first.

  • Court advocacy and referrals. Our staff will acquaint victims with the court proceedings and be a support system throughout the court process. We can assist victims by providing referrals to other human service agencies in Lancaster County and statewide.

  • Protection Order assistance. Our trained staff will provide information about and assistance in applying for Domestic Abuse or Harassment protection orders.

Crime Victim's Rights

Notification Upon Release or Parole Eligibility