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What is Victim/Witness?

The Lincoln Police Department Victim/Witness Unit provides a free public service to victims and/or witnesses of crime, as well as those impacted by suicide. The Lincoln Police Department created this unit to better serve its citizens who have experienced the trauma of victimization or suicide.

What can Victim/Witness do for me?

The Victim/Witness Unit advocates are available to provide the following services at your request:

  • Discuss your questions;

  • Provide emotional support;

  • Explore potential resources related to your particular circumstances;

  • Assist with protection order affidavits or victim compensation forms;

  • Provide ongoing updates regarding cases;

  • Accompany you to court hearings;

  • Assist you with victim impact statements.

Victim/Witness Unit

Lincoln Police Department
575 S 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508