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Where Do You Go For Answers on Aging? Need a speaker for you organization or club? We have a great range of topics for you to choose from at the Aging Partners. We're anxious to share with you our expertise on topics concerning Aging. In some instances, we can even tailor a presentation for your group.

To request and/or schedule a speaker, call (402) 441-6156 or, go to our online form. Please note that every effort will be made to accommodate your request, but not all speakers are available at all times. Below are a list of topics and a contact to schedule a speaker. The person listed is not necessarily the speaker.

Contact List

June Pederson
Aging Partners and/or Aging Issues
(402) 441-6132

Zoe Olson
Live & Learn
(402) 441-6156

Tami Barrett
Long-Term Care Ombudsman
(402) 441-7070

Denise Boyd
(402) 441-7159

Houston Doan
Medicare & Medicare Part D
(402) 441-7070

Bob Esquivel
Senior Centers
(402) 441-7158

Tracie Foreman
Health and Wellness
UNMC Senior Health Promotion Clinic
(402) 441-7575

Elisa Stutheit
Foster Grandparent Program
Senior Companion Program
(402) 441-6105

Jean Holt
Personal & Family Services
and Long Term Care Options
(402) 441-7070

Health & Fitness Topics

Peggy Apthorpe
(402) 441-7575

Tracie Foreman
(402) 441-7575