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LPD Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Lincoln Police Department located?
The address is 575 S. 10th; Lincoln, NE 68508. It is located in the Justice and Law Enforcement Center at 10th and Lincoln Mall, on the first floor.

How do I get a copy of an accident report?
A copy of your vehicle accident report is available to you through the home page under Police Reports. It is best to wait at least 24 hrs from the time of the accident.

Can the police open my car if I have locked my keys inside?
Due to the risk of damage to the vehicle the Lincoln Police Department does not unlock vehicles. If other circumstances exist, such as a young child locked in the vehicle, an Officer will be sent to assist in any way possible. Contacting a locksmith is your best alternative in most cases.

Who has to wear a seat belt in a vehicle?
Seat belt use is required by the driver and those passengers occupying the front seat of any motor vehicle that is equipped with passenger restraints.

What are the requirements for child restraints in a vehicle?
Any person who operates a motor vehicle with passengers age five and under, shall secure said passengers with a child passenger restraint system which meets federal requirements. All children six years of age and less than eighteen years of age being transported in such vehicle must use an occupant protection system.

How do I get a protection order?
*Filling out the forms*
Protection Orders are issued through the district court. The law allows you to file an order without an attorney. Standard forms are available at the district court clerk's office or your local domestic violence or Victim/Witness Program. Clerk of the district court is located 575 S. 10th in the Justice and Law Enforcement Center on the 3rd floor. (402) 441-7328

You will be asked to provide specific information on why you are requesting the order including dates, as near as possible, times and locations of recent abusive or stalking incidents. The district clerk is not required to help you complete the forms, so you may want to contact the local domestic violence or victim/witness program.

*Obtaining a Protection Order*
Once the forms are completed, they are taken to the judge who decides if there is enough evidence to issue a protection order. You may be asked to clarify some of the information on your application. If the order is granted, you will receive a copy and the sheriff's department will receive a copy to serve upon the respondent (person you are filing the order against). The order will not be in effect until the respondent has been served. Once the respondent has been served, he or she has 5 days to request a formal hearing.

*Protection Order Hearing*
You are encouraged to appear at the hearing. At this time, the respondent will have the opportunity to show why the order should not remain in effect. If you believe this will happen, you may want to seek the assistance of an attorney.

The order will be in effect for one year. At the end of the year, if you still feel you need protection, you can file for another order.

*For more information or assistance with filing for a protection order, Contact: Victim/Witness (402) 441-7181

Is there a cost involved in obtaining a protection order?
There is no initial filing fee or cost for serving the order.

Why can't I ride my bicycle on the sidewalk in downtown Lincoln?
Lincoln has several areas that are classified as "congested districts". It is unlawful for anyone to ride a bicycle, skateboard or roller skate in the congested district. The downtown area classified as a congested district is : west side of 7th street to the east side of 17th street and from the south side of "M" street to the north side of "Q" street. Also 13th street "M" street to "K" street.

Other congested districts include: 48th street between Garland street and Greenwood street; Cotner Boulevard between Dudley street and Walker street; Havelock Avenue between 60th street and 63rd street; 48th street between Calvert street and Lowell street and Prescott street from 47th street to 48th street.

How do I start a Neighborhood Watch Group?
One ...
Contact your neighbors and decide on a convenient location to get together for an organizational meeting. The best place is usually at a home or in a meeting hall in the neighborhood.
Two ...
Contact the Community Services Unit of the Lincoln Police Department. Our telephone number is 441-7261. This will allow you to schedule an officer to come to your meeting to show you how to have a successful Neighborhood Watch group. NOTE: At least two weeks are needed to schedule a meeting.
Three ...
The last step is to go back to your neighbors to confirm the time and location of the meeting. Be sure to explain the importance of attending the meeting. The meeting will last approximately one hour. Be sure to let them know that an officer from the Lincoln Police Department will be there to show them how to prevent crime in your neighborhood. The officer will also talk about ways to better secure your home with locks, lights and other crime prevention tactics.

Why did it take the police so long to arrive when I called them last night?
All request for police services are assigned a priority based on the type of call. Calls with potential for injury or property damage and calls that are serious in nature or occurring at that time will be dispatched as soon as possible. Calls that are less urgent or are belated are considered less of a priority and may be held while officers handle emergencies. The day of the week and time of the call will also determine the length of wait as certain days of the week and hours of the day are busier then others.