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Tierra Briarhurst

Address: 27th & Tierra to 37th & Carnelian
Type: Community
Acres: 123.3
Location: Southeast Lincoln


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Tierra Briarhurst


Projects: Renovation of Tierra Skatepark

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Skate Park Renovation of the Tierra Park skatepark facility is scheduled to begin the week of August 29th and as a result, it will be closed to public use for approximately six weeks. The existing skatepark equipment has reached the end of its lifespan. The equipment will be removed, the existing concrete pad will be repaired and a more progressive design featuring concrete elements will be erected. With input from the skateboarding community, the renovated facility is intended to appeal to a wide variety of users of various experience levels. Using all concrete features has the added benefits of requiring less periodic maintenance and being better suited to withstand extreme weather conditions.

J.J. Yost, Planning and Construction Manager for Parks and Recreation, said the need for renovation of the existing skatepark features provides an opportunity to enhance the skating experience at this location. The evolution of skatepark design, construction techniques and materials allow us to mimic streetscape elements and urban architecture at this location while staying within our repair and replacement budget. The renovated facility should offer improved aesthetic appeal, performance and durability.

During this time of construction, those interested in skateboarding are encouraged to visit our other skatepark facility in Peter Pan Park located near 33rd and X Streets. Barring weather delays or other unforeseen conditions, the Tierra skatepark will be reopened for public use in mid-October.

For more information on the renovation of the Tierra Park skatepark facility, please contact J.J. Yost, Planning & Construction Manager for Lincoln Parks & Recreation at 402-441-8255 or