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Message from the Interim Fire Chief


Citizens and Visitors of Lincoln,

Thank you for visiting the Lincoln Fire and Rescue Website. We hope that you are able to use this portal as a tool to learn about our people, our operations, and ways to reduce your risk from the peril of fires and other emergencies.

Our mission is “The desire to serve, the ability to perform, and the courage to act.”

Our people have the desire to serve YOU. You are the reason for our existence. We are an all-hazards organization that responds to fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials responses, technical rescue incidents, and other calls for assistance. We are here to assist you in a friendly and responsive manner.

Our people have the ability to perform. We are a team comprised of people from all different backgrounds and experiences. We pride ourselves in leveraging these diverse experiences to solve problems. We provide both Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical capabilities. Our EMS System has been recognized as one of the top agencies in the nation related to cardiac arrest and acute myocardial infarction response. Our Special Operations personnel work in the disciplines of high-angle rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, water rescue, and extrication; they receive countless hours of classroom and hands-on training per year to maintain proficiency in these responses. And of course, all of our personnel are skilled in responding to all types of fire emergencies and work tirelessly to aggressively protect citizens from these dangerous incidents.

Our people have the courage to act. What we do to serve you is not without risk. We do everything we can to minimize this risk through training, education, and prevention activities; however the fact remains that we are called upon to use calculated aggression to save lives and minimize damage from fire. Our responders operate heavy tools in public roadways to extricate victims from car accidents. We respond to critical medical incidents that require a great deal of clinical decision-making abilities. All of these incidents require our personnel to have courage to make a difference in people’s lives.

Take a look around the website, and let us know what you think. We are proud and happy to serve you!

Be safe,
Tim Linke
Interim Fire Chief

Fire & Rescue Department