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The Clyde Malone Community Center was founded in 1955 through a reorganization of the Lincoln Urban League (the League). Initially founded during a time in our history when civil rights for African Americans were extremely limited, the League founders, both black and white, were determined to improve social and economic conditions and increase understanding between all races. They believed that enhanced understanding between all groups of people would create a better community. For decades the Malone Center has served neighboring families, youth, seniors and the Lincoln community with inclusive "social, cultural, education, employment and welfare" services.


The mission of the Clyde Malone Community Center is to serve Lincoln's diverse and evolving community though an inclusive and empowering environment that fosters cultural, educational, and humanitarian opportunities.

Malone Center is the only community center in Lincoln that serves a predominately African American audience (about 65% of patrons) and it remains a resource for African American culture and history in our community. The Center is located in a diversely populated north central area of the city. According to census data approximately one third of Lincoln's racial ethnic minority population resides within the neighborhoods served by Malone Center.

While the Center offers many culturally specific services, our programming is available to all community members regardless of race or other social status. Our priority programming focus is youth development. Malone Center views the challenges of its constituents as opportunities to strengthen children and families. The Center remains committed to meeting basic needs and providing services to enhance the quality of life among all Lincoln residents.


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