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Epidemiologic Responses


The Epidemiology Program helps to assure community health during infectious disease outbreaks and environmental or community health threats by coordinating epidemiologic response to these threats.

This year, several public health outbreaks and incidents of concern called for epidemiologic action. These included outbreaks of Giardia, Shigella, Pertussis, Legionella, foodborne illnesses, and surveillance measures for a number of other communicable diseases; cases of hemolytic illness at a local dialysis center; and a number of environmental response incidents requiring epidemiologic follow-up. Disease and toxic substance research, case follow up, data collection, analysis and reporting were employed as needed.


A skilled workforce and quality data/information systems are necessary to provide effective epidemiologic support for public health activities. Epidemiology services are provided by staff trained in epidemiology, demography, sociology, survey design, public program and policy analysis, public administration and planning, quantitative and qualitative social data methods, communication, and geographic information systems. The Epidemiology Program is staffed by the Public Health Epidemiologist, a second epidemiology specialist, and a geographic information systems specialist.

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