Safe Storage



Always be aware of the type of hazards you are bringing into your home. Some products and containers are similar in appearance to food and beverages. Children who have not learned to read or adults that have problems with their vision may mistake a hazardous products for edible items.

Don’t forget your pets! Household pets cannot tell if a product is dangerous so it is important to prevent access to both stored and currently in use materials. For more information on keeping your pets safe, see the Humane Society’s “Common Household Dangers for Pets.”

Tips for Safe Storage:

  • Store all items out of the reach of pets and children.
  • Leave products in their original container with labels intact and visible.
  • Clearly label all hazardous products.
  • Always store hazardous materials in their original container.
  • Make sure lids and caps are tightly sealed and childproof.
  • Keep containers dry to prevent corrosion. Place corroded containers in a secured, labeled plastic bucket.
  • Store volatile chemicals in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not mix products unless directed to do so by the label directions.
  • Store the Nebraska Regional Poison Control phone number in your cell phone 1-888-222-1222.