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Guide to Food Establishment Design


All reports are in pdf format
Guide to Food Establishment Design In Full (1.6M)

Introduction (80K)

Permit Process (47K)

Finish Schedule

Floors (63K)

Walls (61K)

Ceiling (55K)

Electrical and Lighting (61K)


Water Supply (62K)

Hot Water Requirements (66K)

Backflow Control (62K)

Sewage Disposal (55K)

Grease Interceptor (59K)

3-Compartment Sinks (62K)

Dishwashing Machines (66K)


Ventilation (69K)

Exhaust Hood (66K)

Handwashing Facilities (62K)

Toilet Rooms (61K)

Dressing and Locker Rooms (64K)

Garbage, Refuse, and Recyclables

Garbage & Refuse Facilities (61K)

Recyclable Storage (60K)

Food Equipment Design and Installation (61K)

Dry Goods Storage (61K)

Chemical Storage (53K)

Janitorial Stations (62K)

Laundry Facilities (61K)

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