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Food Establishment Operator Information

Establishments need to meet certain standards. On this page you will find many resources for establishment design, proper plumbing, disposal of waste, and recycling materials. Additional information can be found in the Food Establishment Manager Information and the Hygiene, Health, and Safety pages.

  • Instructions for New Food Operators in Lancaster County

  • People who wish to open a new food establishment can save time, effort, and money by knowing and following these guidelines.
  • Food Establishment Requirements

  • Know what is required before you open a new food establishment in Lincoln.
  • Guide to Food Establishment Design

  • Besides looking good, an establishment has to meet certain standards. Materials need to be easily cleaned and disinfected, plumbing must be up to code, and the building and internal structure needs to meet city building codes. Owners and operators need to obtain and maintain proper permits.
  • When Must You Close Your Food Establishment

  • In case of certain emergencies, operators must close the food establishment (sometimes permanently). Know what to do and how to do it.
  • Food Temperature Violations

  • These guidelines will help you prevent temperature abuse of foods and restrict the growth of germs.

  • Proper Cooking Temperature Poster

  • Many foodborne illnesses are caused by under cooked foods. Post this chart where your employees can refer to it to ensure food is cooked to the proper internal temperature.

  • Consumer Advisory Placard

  • If raw or partially cooked foods of animal origins are served in your establishment, you must inform customers that the food is not cooked sufficiently to ensure its safety. Protect your establishment by posting or publishing this advisory on your menus or other prominent places.

  • Reduce Waste and Costs

  • You can reduce costs and the negative environmental impact of your business. Partners in Pollution Prevention (P3) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln can show you how.
  • FDA Food Code: Plumbing

  • Plumbing problems can force establishments to close. Besides complying with city plumbing codes, food establishments need to meet additional safety and sanitation criteria to prevent contamination of food.

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