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Garbage Cans must be properly maintained to prevent them from becoming a source of litter, odor and pests.

Garbage Containers Must Be:

  • Rustproof metal or heavy duty plastic
  • Watertight and fly-tight (must have a lid that is used)
  • Easy to clean
  • Provided with two handles
  • 32-gallons or less in capacity; dumpsters are approved for multi-family dwellings and other large generators of garbage.
  • Garbage can racks have many advantages. A proper can rack should hold the containers 12 to 18 inches off the ground.

Unacceptable Garbage Containers Are:

  • Plastic bags or paper boxes that are not in a proper container or are not insect or animal proof and the garbage is easily scattered. Plastic bags can only be used as a liner for garbage cans.
  • 55-gallon drums are not insect or animal proof, too heavy to empty when full, and do not have proper lids.
  • Immovable containers/bins cannot be properly emptied and cannot be kept clean.
      Do Not:
    • Overfill the garbage can so that the lid will not fit correctly.
    • Dispose of car batteries, used oil, paint, pesticides, herbicides, or other hazardous materials in the garbage (See section on Hazardous Materials).
    • Pour or dump waste down storm drains.
    • Dump waste along roadsides, in fields or ditches.
    • Burn refuse since it creates air pollution and is illegal.
    • Keep containers on wood pallets. This offers mice/rats nesting sites by trapping trash spilled from the containers.
Hauling Waste:
  • All waste hauled in a truck or trailer must be covered to prevent litter and safety problems.
  • The city intends strict enforcement of this ordinance. Loads in violation of this ordinance may be denied access to the landfill or charged a higher disposal fee. In addition, the Lincoln Police Department may issue citations which result in fines. This fine can be up to $1000 for the third offense for littering on the highway.

Ordinance Guidelines

  1. All trash and yard waste must be covered and tied down.
  2. As a minimum, brush and tree trimmings MUST be tied down, but covering is recommended.
  3. Though loads of rock and dirt may be accepted without a cover, a cover is recommended for safety.

With your help, we can reduce litter and safety problems.


Section 8.28.042 Lincoln Municipal Code:

It shall be unlawful for any person to bring any vehicle or trailer into the sanitary landfill unless it is constructed or covered in such a manner that wastes cannot have fallen, spilled, or been discharged from said vehicle or trailer on the roads from the point of loading to the site of waste disposal that has been designated for unloading.

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