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Air Quality Section Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department

The Air Quality Section is part of the Environmental Public Health Division of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD), located at 3140 N Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.

The goal of the Air Quality Section is to protect human health by maintaining air quality at levels which do not impact human health, and prevent illnesses and diseases that are caused by poor air quality.

Air Quality Programs

Within the Air Quality Section, there are several programs involved in improving both the indoor and outdoor air quality for the residents of Lancaster County. The following is a list of the programs within the Air Quality Section. For more detailed descriptions of each program, click on the link provided.

Outdoor Air Quality

The outdoor air quality program ensures that the citizens of Lincoln and Lancaster County enjoy clean, safe air. The environmental engineers, environmental health specialists, and other professionals in this program provide the following services:

Indoor Air Quality

The goal of the indoor air program is to minimize health risks posed by airborne and other environmental hazards in worksites, homes, and private and public buildings. Staff use investigative techniques, surveys, and environmental monitoring tools and skills to assess health risks. They make recommendations to help abate or reduce those risks. Staff also coordinate enforcement actions with the Building and Safety Dept. on health aspects of housing code compliance.

To obtain more information, or to contact the Air Quality Section, call (402) 441-8040.

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