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Public Works & Utilities Department
Engineering Services, 531 Westgate Blvd., Lincoln, NE 68528, 441-7711, fax 441-6576

April 1, 2002

For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831
Linda Weaver Beacham, Project Manager, The Schemmer Associates, 488-2500
Stroud Evans, Construction Administrator, The Schemmer Associates, 488-2498
Larry Duensing, City Project Manager, Public Works and Utilities Dept.,441-7711
Randy Howard, President, Constructors Inc., 434-1764

North 56th Open, North Cotner Now Closed
North 56th Street between "O" and "R" streets has reopened to traffic. North Cotner Boulevard between "O" and "R" Streets is closed until the end of May. Construction crews will install a new water main and storm sewers in North Cotner and re-pave this section of the street.

Motorists have access to local businesses in the affected area, and drivers should watch for signs guiding them to businesses. Customers can access businesses between "P" and "R" on the west side of Cotner from the intersection of "R" Street and Cotner; businesses on the east side of Cotner between "O" and "R" can be accessed from "R" Street and Gateway Mall. Businesses on "P" Street between 56th and Cotner will be accessible from 56th Street only.

Northbound drivers on South Cotner may still turn both left and right onto "O" Street, but westbound drivers on "O" Street are prohibited from turning left onto South Cotner.

Left turns are allowed from "O" Street onto 56th Street in both directions.

The latest information on the construction project can be found on the 24-hour East "O" Street Information Line, 441-0432, and on the city website at

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