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Progress Measures & Program Prioritization 2009 - 2010

Taking Charge: Progress Measures & Program Prioritization 2009 - 2010

Citywide Outcome Priority #8: Identity Lincoln

Goal Priority #1: Enhance, protect and celebrate the City's culture, architecture, history and environment to create a welcoming and accessible community that enhances social bonds and citizen interaction.


Events: Community events and celebrations provide opportunities for positive social interaction among community residents. City Departments support and provide assistance to community events including the Star City Parade, Lincoln Marathon and Independence Day celebration. Lincoln City Libraries provide the One Book One Lincoln Program for adult readers. Events also attract visitors to the community, expanding tourism revenues.

Historic Preservation: Preserving Lincoln's historic buildings and districts enhances our understanding of our past and its lessons for our future. City government protects our community's past through our planning and development processes.

Entryway Corridors: Visitors' first impressions of Lincoln are developed when they enter the community along our entryway corridors, such as I-180, West "O" St, Hwy. 77, Cornhusker Hwy., Hwy. 2, and others. City government seeks to protect the character of these areas.

Progress Indicators:

  1. NOTE: Progress indicators are measures for all Priority Goals in this Outcome.
  2. Maintain the total attendance number at the Star City Parade, the Independence Day celebration, Celebrate Lincoln, the Pinewood Bowl Community Theater, and "Ribfest" at a percentage equal to 35% of Lincoln's residents.
  3. Maintain the percentage of residents who rate maintenance and operation of public gardens as good or excellent at 95%.
  4. Maintain Lancaster County lodging tax collections at $1,864,736, the three-year average (2006 to 2008).
  5. Increase participation in annual "One Book, One Lincoln" programming for adults by 5%.
  6. NOTE: Other progress indicators regarding tourism, the Downtown, and the success of events can be found in the Progress Indicators of the Economic Opportunity section.
Goal #1 Tier 1 Programs Departments
Operation and maintenance of Sunken Gardens, municipal rose garden Parks & Recreation
Historic preservation/urban design reviews Planning
Goal #1 Tier 2 Programs Departments
Offer One Book One Lincoln reading program for adults Library
Entryway corridors Mayor
Maintenance of public art Parks & Recreation
Goal #1 Tier 3 Program Department
Financial support for Municipal Band Concerts City
Lincoln Arts Council City

Goal Priority #2: Attract people to the community with interesting activities, places and people.


Tourism: Events also can attract visitors to the community expanding tourism revenues for business and government.

Parks & Recreation Attractions: Parks serve as gathering places and venues for community celebrations and performances. Public gardens, including Sunken Gardens and the Hamann Rose Garden at Antelope Park, are community icons and "must see" destinations for visitors to Lincoln. Public art reinforces Lincoln's unique sense of place. Public plazas serve as attractions for citizen interaction, public events and performances.

Goal #2 Tier 1 Programs Departments
West Haymarket redevelopment Urban Development/Planning/Public Works/Mayor/Finance
Goal #2 Tier 2 Programs Departments
Operation and maintenance of malls and public plazas Parks & Recreation
Goal #2 Tier 3 Programs Departments
Event planning, coordination & support Citizen Information Center
Operation and maintenance of fountains Parks & Recreation

Goal Priority #3: Maintain and grow a vibrant downtown area.


Antelope Valley: The Antelope Valley project is re-vitalizing the East Downtown Area, creating new opportunities for business investment and recreation, and protecting homes and businesses from flooding.

Haymarket Arena: The replacement of Pershing Center, projected for the West Haymarket, is needed to create new entertain opportunities and the revenues they generate. The City continues to prepare the information needed for a public vote on the project.

Goal #3 Tier 1 Programs Departments
Union Plaza Parks & Recreation
Antelope Valley Urban Development/Planning/Public Works/Mayor/Parks
Goal #3 Tier 2 Programs Departments
Pershing Center City
Goal #3 Tier 3 Programs Departments
Civic Plaza City

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