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Recreation Centers

Help make our events even more special with your volunteer service. Carnivals, Halloween, festivals and large group activities all may benefit from your help. Occasional need at various locations. For more information, go to Recreation Centers.


Pioneers Park Nature Center

The Nature Center sponsors several special events. These could not be presented without volunteer help. They give volunteers an opportunity to give assistance with a one-time-only commitment. Need is greatest for Spooktacular, the Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings right before Halloween. Other special events may include International Migratory Bird Day, Earth Day, Waterfest and Herbal Festivals. For more information, contact Becky Seth, 441-8708,


Uncle Sam Jam

(City of Lincoln’s annual Independence Day celebration at Oak Lake Park - held July 3,2009)
An all-day free event at Oak Lake Park, the celebration features a live performance by Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, choreographed to fireworks. Volunteers are needed to park cars, pickup litter and for crowd control. For more information, contact Mary Johnson, 441-822,