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Parks & Trails Volunteer Opportunities

Location: Parks & Trails in Lincoln.
Contact Name: Janet Ball
Contact Phone: 402-441-7847
Contact email:
More Information on Parks & Trails


Pick up litter along an entire trail section for 1-2 hours per week. Perfect for groups, businesses, neighborhood associations, individuals or families. On-site recognition provided.


Pick up litter in a pre-determined park for 1-2 hours per week. Perfect for groups, businesses, neighborhood associations, individuals or families. On-site recognition provided.

Landscape Maintenance

Perfect for neighborhood association groups, families, organizations or corporations who wish to provide tender loving care to landscape plantings throughout Lincoln. You will receive training on landscape maintenance, then work 1-2 hours a week throughout the growing season. On-site recognition provided.

Other Opportunities

If you are interested in other opportunities not listed here, please fill out the Volunteer form and return it to Lincoln Parks and Recreation at 2740 “A” Street and we will be in touch with you.


Community Foresty Volunteer Program

Contact Name: Janet Ball
Contact Phone: 441-7847
Contact email:
More Information on Community Forestry

A new volunteer program is being developed to engage volunteers in assisting in planting and pruning public street trees and trees in park areas.  The Community Forestry Planner will be responsible for developing and overseeing this new program.  Volunteers will receive training in tree planting and pruning similar to the Master Gardener program.  Volunteers will then assist in planting trees along streets and in parks.  Volunteers will also assist in pruning young street trees and young trees in parks.  Volunteers will be using hand equipment, and will work from the ground. These ideas are modeled after successful and highly effective community forestry volunteer programs in other communities that are helping to proactively plant and manage urban trees.

We anticipate that the community forestry volunteer program will begin in early 2011.  If you are interested in receiving more information about the program, including how you can be involved, please complete and submit a Volunteer Application form.  Also, please watch this website location for updated information about the new volunteer program.


Hyde Observatory Volunteer Opportunities

Location: Holmes Lake Park
Contact Name: Jamie Kelley
Contact email:
More information on Hyde Observatory.

Since Hyde Observatory opened, the public has been coming not only to view the skies through the telescopes but to learn more about space and astronomy from the volunteers staffing the facility. Many volunteers are people that have an interest in the night sky and a desire and willingness to share with others.

Being a Hyde volunteer is a commitment to fun and learning. A desire to learn and to share is what it takes to be a great volunteer, not a PhD in Astronomy. Many of our volunteers admittedly knew very little when they first started. Others knew a lot. Together, new and old become a team that makes the sky come alive for all visitors, from first-timers to those who come on a regular basis.

Each volunteer is a member of the Prairie Astronomy Club, which in itself is a wonderful experience. Throughout the year classes are held to help new volunteers become familiar with procedures and operation of the equipment. The real training takes place on Saturday evenings. New volunteers are scheduled with an experienced partner as their guide through the night sky. No one knows it all, and one can hear a request for assistance from as many experienced volunteers as new ones. It is all part of the fun.

Hyde Observatory is open every Saturday night except major holidays, 7–10 p.m., November through March and 8–11 p.m., April through October. It is also open occasionally for celestial events or special showings. Volunteers are scheduled to work as needed, usually only one Saturday night a month.

For additional information about volunteering at Hyde Observatory come out any Saturday evening and talk to the deck volunteers or the Supervisor, attend a Prairie Astronomy Club meeting at 7:30 on the last Tuesday of the month.

Join in the excitement and help build the tradition of public observing and education that is the legacy of Hyde Observatory!