LPlan Advisory Committee (LPAC) Oversees Plan

The process to create LPlan 2040 was guided by a citizen advisory committee consisting of members from the City-County Planning Commission and other community representatives. The committee made recommendations to the Mayor and Planning Commission.

The transportation element is guided by the Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The MPO Technical Committee, comprised of staff from the City, County and State, provided technical support and guidance, while the MPO Officials Committee adopts the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).

Following the recommendations of the LPlan Advisory Committee, a draft Comprehensive Plan and LRTP had formal public hearings before the Planning Commission. The LRTP will be presented to the MPO Officials Committee for adoption in December and will subsequently need to be accepted by the State and Federal agencies.

Next, a joint public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan was held by the City Council and County Board, and LPlan 2040 was adopted by both bodies in October 2011.

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