Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization

Technical Committee


Thursday, August 15, 2013
1:30 p.m.
County/City Building, Room 113

Roll call and acknowledge the "Nebraska Open Meeting Act"

  1. Review and action on the draft minutes of the May 16, 2013 Technical Committee meeting.
  2. Review and action on the Project Selection Task Force recommendations on the proposed program of projects for the Federal Transit Administration Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities (5310) program. Action includes amending the FY 2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program to add these projects and funding.
  3. Review and action on revisions to the FY 2013-2016 and FY 2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Programs.
    1. Nebraska Department of Roads: US-77-BNSF Viaduct (CN 13089), #HSIP-77-2(161)
    2. Lower Platte South NRD: Rosa Parks Way Trail (CN 12945), #ENH-55(164)
  4. Review and action on a resolution that would allow the Nebraska Department of Roads to assume the role of "Designated Recipient" for the new Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program for the Lincoln MPO.
  5. Briefing on the Lincoln MPO Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Strategy for improving individual travel choices and options within the MPO planning area.
  6. Report on current status of Pedestrian and Bicycle Counting activity and a proposed comprehensive city-wide pedestrian and bicycle counting program.
  7. Other topics for discussion.