Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization

Technical Committee


10:00 a.m.
County/City Building, Room 303

Roll call and acknowledge the "Nebraska Open Meeting Act"

  1. Review and action on the draft minutes of the November 16, 2014 Technical Committee meeting.

  2. Review and action on revisions to the FY 2015 - 2018 Transportation Improvement Program.
    • a) Nebraska Department of Roads: N-2 - Lincoln to Syracuse: resurface and widen shlds, 26.7 Miles (C.N.13263) HSIP-2-6(123), funding revisions.

      b) City of Lincoln: South 56th Street, Shadow Pines Dr. to Old Cheney Rd. (CN 130141), #LCLC-5241, funding revisions.

      c) City of Lincoln: Add Superior Street, I-180 to Cornhusker Hwy: Rehab and resurfacing project, approximately 3.7 miles.

      d) City of Lincoln: Add Old Cheney Road, Warlick Blvd. to Nebraska Hwy 2: Rehab and resurfacing project, approximately 3.3 miles.

      e) City of Lincoln: Add 27th Street, Alpha Street to Arbor Road: Rehab and resurfacing project, approximately 6.3 miles.

      f) City of Lincoln: Add City-wide Pedestrian Countdown Signal Head Replacement project to install ped-heads throughout the City.
  3. Briefing on the Lincoln StarTran Transit Development Plan (TDP) Update.
  4. Briefing on the Lincoln MPO traffic model update and 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) update.
  5. Other topics for discussion.