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Planning Commission Review Edition Draft Comp Plan


The Planning Commission Review Edition of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan is presented below. To view the draft chapters as they will appear in the printed Plan, click on the chapter title.

Also available for viewing is the Legislative Format version of the PC Review Edition which shows all changes made to the text of the document. No figures, maps or tables are shown in this version. All text deletions are shown in strike out and all additions to the text are shown in underline. Text which was moved, but not changed, is not always noted.

Since the Planning Commission completed the review at the last work session on August 30 there have been a few changes worth noting including text and formatting changes as well as distinguishing the Guiding Principles for each chapter.

To reduce file size and download time, some of the chapters have been split into multiple parts.

The chapters are in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. If you experience problems viewing or printing these files, please visit the City's PDF help section for suggested solutions.