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Lincoln Police History 1870s

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first badge The first law enforcement officers in Lincoln wore the badge of "Constable".

Badge courtesy of Kevin Sommers (LPD)

1871 The first court case for the Lincoln Police Department.
This is case #1, Docket #1.

Courtesy of Nebraska State Historical Society

City Council minutes City Council meeting minutes for the City of Lincoln noting the Lincoln City Ordinances


#1 An ordinance to suppress House of ill fame and prostitution and to punish the keeping and maintaining the same in the City of Lincoln.

#2 An ordinance to restrain and prohibit desecration of the Sabbath Day within the City of Lincoln.

#3 An ordinance to provide for the making and repairing side walks in the City of Lincoln.

The first city ordinances listed laws and numbered them in the order they were passed. They did not separate the criminal laws from the building codes.