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SWAT with Blackhawk helicopter SWAT logo Swat with Pinzgauer vehicle
Training with a Blackhawk
at Camp Ashland 2004

Top, L-R: Koluch, Solano, Knopik, Robinson,
Bucher, Marti. Kneeling, L-R: Koziol, Jaeger,
Peterson, Weinmaster, Stille, Hruza.
Swat Team Photo 2003
Pinzgauer Swiss Army transport vehicle

Top Row, L-R: Koziol, Weinmaster, Knopik,
Koluch, Marti.Middle Row, L-R: Lopez,
Solano, Sorensen, Bucher, Laird.
Kneeling, L-R: Peterson, Jaeger, Klem.

Practicing with LAV Swat group Lined up
Training 2002

L-R: Weinmaster, Peterson,
Sorensen, Knopik.
Training 2005

Standing, L-R: Lopez,
Stille, Weinmaster.
Kneeling, L-R: Knopik.
Training 2005

L-R: Peterson, Milisits, Jaeger,
Hruza, Robinson, Bucher.

Rifle Practice Officers Hruza and Robinson Shooting the extended combat course
Rifle Practice, 2006
L-R: Hruza, Stille.
SWAT 2005
L-R: Hruza, Robinson.
Extended Combat Course, 2006
Top-Bottom: Koluch, Bucher, Jaeger.

Sergeant Marti Retirement party for Sergeant Klem Sergeant Koziol
Team Leader Marti
Klem's Swat Retirement, 2004
L-R: Koluch, Marti, Solano, Hruza, Robinson, Klem, Bucher, Peterson,
Sorensen, Weinmaster, Laird, Koziol, Stille, Knopik, Ziemer, Jaeger, Pitts.
Team Member Koziol

SWAT Team 2007
From Top: Danson, Stille, Peterson, Knopik,
Reynolds, Bucher, Koluch, Hruza, Milisits,
Marti, Jaeger, Weinmaster, Lore, Robinson.
Rappel Training
Top: Robinson
Bottom: Weinmaster

Torch Run for Special Olympics 2009
L-R: Weinmaster, Peterson, Roach, Koluch, Jaeger,
Hruza, Robinson, Stille, Reynolds.
Rifle Cleaning during Training 2009
L-R: Junker, Hruza, Lashley

SWAT Training 2010
L-R: Reynolds and Milisits.
SWAT Training 2010
L-R: Bucher and Knopik
SWAT Training 2010
L-R: Bleimeister, Roach, Jaeger, Junker.

SWAT Operators 2010
Back, L-R: Roach, Sorensen, Bucher, Robinson, Lashley.
Center, L-R: Reynolds, Milisits, Hruza, Stille, Weinmaster.
Front, L-R: Junker, Knopik, Jaeger, Danson.
SWAT Training 2010
L-R: Bucher, Knopik, Jaeger.
Knopik's SWAT Retirement 2010

SWAT Training 2012
Back, L-R: Dean, Roach, Weinmaster, Reynolds, Sorensen, Lashley, Banks, Bucher, Robinson, Junker, Stille, Clarke.
Front, L - R: Loos, Hruza, Peterson, Milisits, Jaeger, Danson, Urkevich.

SWAT Training 2014
L-R: Stille, Banks, Jaeger, Roach, Robinson, Sorensen, Hruza, Reynolds, Bucher, Weinmaster, Milisits, Lashley, Danson, Junker.

SWAT Team 2015
L-R: Stille, Banks, Jaeger, Vollmer, Sorensen, Hruza, Robinson, Weinmaster, Roach, Mika, Milisits, Bucher, Junker, Lashley, Danson.