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Volunteer of the Year 2013

Carolyn Freeman

Carolyn Freeman began her volunteer career with the Lincoln Police Department in August of 2011, assisting with the Quality Service Audit project. Carolyn volunteered tirelessly over the next several months until ending her volunteer status in May of 2012.

Upon the completion of her time, Carolyn had volunteered over 140 hours and completed 813 successful surveys. The goal of the department was to complete 5,000 successful surveys over the fiscal year.

Of the roughly thirty volunteers that signed up to assist with the Quality Service Audit project, Carolyn was responsible for logging over fifty percent of the completed surveys and over fifty percent of the total hours logged by all of the remaining volunteers. It was not uncommon for Carolyn to volunteer two or three times a week for an hour or two. Without Carolyn's continued support over those ten months, the Lincoln Police Department would not have come close to reaching the initial goal.

Personnel within the department commented on more than one occasion about Carolyn's positive attitude and continued service to the department. She always had an upbeat, positive attitude and a smile on her face. It can only be presumed that her attitude presented itself to survey participants as well, accounting for the high amount of completed surveys!

For her upbeat, positive attitude and her strong dedication to and support of the Lincoln Police Department, the Awards Committee is proud to name Carolyn Freeman as the Lincoln Police Department's 2013 Volunteer of the Year.