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Problem Oriented Policing Projects 2008


Problem Oriented Police Projects (POP Projects) are designed to impact unique or repetitive issues by implementing specific strategies to target the problem. This is a form of community policing in which the Department actively works with the others to understand and address the issues that lead to crime within our city. The Lincoln Police Department tries to be proactive and stay aware of developing crime trends within the city. These highlighted POP Projects are just a few that our officers have undertaken. In 2008, 165 projects were completed by officers city-wide.

Problem Oriented Policing Projects 2008
Employee Location Project Description Date Started Stage of Completion
Officer Grell LPD Classroom Excited delirium is a growing topic on an international level. There is much discussion on the causes and methods in dealing with this type of incident. Officer Grell offered three one hour classes to educate others on recognizing the possible signs of excited delirium. He also provided strategies for employees to protect themselves, the subject, the department and the city from liability. Forty dispatchers, nine service desk personnel and seven officers attended the training. The class led to the development of dispatch protocol designed to help street officers engaged in such an event. The classes were a success and an excellent first step in establishing options to effectively handle excited delirium. November 14, 2008 Project Complete
Ofc. Jackson,
Ofc. Worley,
Lefler Administration
Southeast Team There has been an increase in disturbances occurring on the StarTran bus that transports Lefler students to and from school. These disturbances have included assaults, foul language and other disruptive behaviors which disturb the bus driver and citizens who also ride the bus. School Resource Officer Jackson will either ride with students on the bus or follow the bus to and from school to monitor and regulate behavior. Ofc. Jackson will also monitor video surveillance captured on the bus. Parents and school administrators will be notified of student misconduct. If problems continue, students may be suspended from bus privileges. Upon completion of the detail, Officer Jackson will reward students who have displayed continuous positive behavior. November 2008 Project Complete
Northeast Team Northeast Team During the football season, the Northeast Team, and Lincoln Police Department as a whole, experiences an increase in reports of celebrations involving alcohol. Added to this time frame are the alcoholic festivities for Halloween. The increase in alcohol consumption correlates with an increase in the number of intoxicated persons driving on Lincoln streets. Sgt. Morrow coordinated a project to impact DUI offenses and alcohol related accidents. Through a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, she scheduled three nights of DUI saturation details and a sobriety checkpoint. The saturation details had four additional officers working 10pm-3am focusing specifically on alcohol related traffic offenses. The culmination of the project was a sobriety checkpoint on November 1st on N. 48th Street/Francis Street - Garland Street. Project results were documented in a press release. Overall, officers made 21 DUI arrests and issued 62 official traffic citations.October 2008Project Complete
SE Team,
Community Services
Southeast Team The Southeast Team continues to have open garage burglaries at all times of the day and night. Residents leave overhead garage doors open allowing easy victimization. To combat the problem, officers on Southeast Day shift participated in "Project Hang Ten". Each officer distributed educational fliers at residences found with open garage doors. A letter was also sent to over 300 Neighborhood Watch Coordinators. The letters, which asked coordinators to educate neighbors, helped to cover a larger geographical area. Though the project did not show a direct decrease in the number of burglaries, the decrease in potential victims is immeasurable. The project allowed officers to increase awareness and presented a good opportunity for positive interaction within the community. September 2008Project Complete
Southeast Team Second Shift Area of S. 39th and Prescott Avenue The property of 3900 Prescott Avenue consists of a large wooded area. Area residents have reported that this is a popular loaction for parties with empty alcoholic beverage containers often found on the property. In an attempt to combat the problem, Officers Norton and B. Ward regularly patrolled the area, providing a strong police presence. The property owner posted a "No Trespassing" sign on her property. In addition, information was developed about possible narcotic activity at 3835 S. 39th Street. On 10-30-08, a search warrant was served which led to the seizure of marijuana, paraphernalia and a shotgun. One month after the project was complete, neighbors advised that problems in the area have ceased. August 2008Project Complete
Center Team Second and Third Shifts 14th & O Street After receiving several complaints from taxi cab drivers and local establishments, Sgt. Karl initiated a project to enforce vehicles illegally parking in designated taxi cab zones. Once the project began, the complaints ceased. From July through December, eleven vehicles were towed and fifty-three citations were issued to vehicles parked in a "taxi only" stall. The enforcement generated awareness that these violations will not be tolerated. July-December, 2008Project Complete
Center Team Second Shift Center Team Ice cream vendors failing to obtain vending permits, which is required by City Ordinance. Officers will contact ice cream truck drivers during their normal course of business to ensure that they are complying with vending laws. July 2008Project Complete
Bike Patrol Officers,
UNL Police
UNL Campus
Members of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department work closely with Lincoln Police Bike Patrol officers, especially in the downtown area. When a serious incident occurs on the UNL campus, bike patrol officers can respond quickly - due to their speed and mobility. Ofc. Vigil coordinated this project to increase understanding and foster an even better relationship between the two law enforcement agencies. In order to effectively communicate with one another, all four bike patrol officers added UNLPD's radio channel to their portable radios. The bike officers also rode along with UNLPD Officer Pembleton on two separate occassions. This gave the officers an opportunity to receive an in-depth tour of the UNL campus and discuss the best approaches for response when investigating crimes involving students. The project was a success and may prove valuable if a critical incident should arise on campus. June-October, 2008 Project Complete
SE Team Second Shift,
LPD Traffic Unit,
Media Relations
Normal Blvd/
S 27th-S 56th
and other high accident locations
With schools letting out for the summer months, more motorists will be on the road which can result more accidents. Officers obtained a wrecked motor vehicle from Capital Towing to display on the south side of Normal Blvd. at Sumner Street. A sign reading "Arrive Alive" stood next to the vehicle. The LPD Traffic Unit and SE Team officers increased traffic enforcement in the project locations. The public was made aware of the project through a media release which resulted in a front page newspaper article in the Lincoln Journal Star highlighting the objectives of the project. Positive feedback was received from the public.June 2008 Project Complete
Center Team,
Inv. Robinson,
Lincoln Free to Grow Program
Center Team During the months of warmer weather, there is an increase in gang-related graffiti. Officer Dennis Scott compiled digital photos of the graffiti and printed hard copies into a book. This makes the photos accessible and convenient for officers to acquaint themselves with the different types of graffiti and the gangs in Lincoln. The book is not only useful for intelligence gathering, but also as a visual aid during presentations to the public. A second book has been started as the collection of photos continues to grow. May-December, 2008 Continuous
SE Team
First Shift
MoPac East Trail Head
Dog Run Parking Lots
As the weather improves, more and more people make use of Lincoln's trail systems. The MoPac East Trail Head and Rickman's Run Dog Run have large remote parking areas. The vehicles parked at these locations are left unattended for long periods of time and become a ripe target for thieves. Officers involved in this project conducted an educational campaign focusing on helping citizens understand how simple prevention techniques can thwart thievery. Ofc. Ward worked with the Parks & Recreation Department to install signs reading, "Lock your vehicle and secure your valuables." Officers were also encouraged to pro-actively patrol the area. May-August, 2008 Project Complete
NE Team
Third Shift
Northeast Team Northeast Team officers received information concerning minors drinking in certain taverns within their team area. All of the NE Third Shift Officers have a goal of four Tavern Checks per month. It is important to hold these businesses accoutable to the liquor license rules and regulations as well as the City and State laws. The checks will be tracked to ensure that all NE taverns and businesses that sell alcohol are visited. May 2008 Project Complete
Ofc. J. White
Ofc. Abele, Lincoln Police Union
Lincoln Children's Zoo Each summer, numerous bicycles are stolen after being left unlocked. Most owners do not record the bicycle's serial number, making it nearly impossible to trace a recovered bicycle back to its owner. During Safety Day at the Lincoln Children's Zoo, officers promoted bicycle security and awareness through presentaions and flyers. Twenty five locks purchased from the Bike Rack by Lincoln Police Union were raffled off to children attending the event. Officers coordinated with Three Eagles Radio to promote the raffle along with bicycle and summer safety. May 10, 2008 Project Complete
Center Team Second Shift Center Team
Several areas along the arterial streets have a number of vehicles that produce excessive noise and loud bass from the vehicle stereos. If the noise can be heard from 50 feet away, the driver is in violation of Lincoln Municipal Ordinance. The officers involved in the project enforced a no tolerance policy with these violations. In six months, over 175 citations were issued: 97 loud stereo citations, 39 traffic citations, 12 warnings, 7 warrants, 14 drug-related citations, 14 other misdemeanor citations, 2 DUIs and 2 felonies.April-October 2008 Project Complete
Ofc. Wolbert
Ofc. J. White
Ofc. Ground
Ofc. Beasley
College View
Officers found a high volume of unregistered and abandoned vehicles in the College View area (Van Dorn-Old Cheney, S 40th St. - S 56th St.) There was a large number of outstanding warrants in the area as well. During the project, all unregistered vehicles found parked on a public street or quasi-public area, were cited for each day they were not in compliance with the City Ordinance. All owners of unregistered vehicles on private property were issued an informative "Abandoned Vehicle Packet" and given 30 days to have their vehicles in compliance. In the 35 days that the project operated, 108 official citations were issued - 85 by Officer Wolbert alone. Twenty-three owners registered their vehicles, four vehicles were towed and five were sold. There were 15 warrant attempts with 8 warrants cleared. April-May 2008 Project Complete
Ofc. Weber
Ofc. Quandt
Ofc. Schreiner
Ofc. R. Fitch
Inv. Robinson Mayor's Aide, Jon Carlson
A St. to C St., S 8th to S 12th Employees noted that, during the first four months of 2008, there were 41 reports of gang graffiti vandalism in the focus area. Many of the building owners were slow to remove it, creating an environment that fosters more vandalism and an appearance of blight. During the project, all identified address owners painted over the graffiti. Photographs were taken for future reference. Officers patrolled the area nightly and arrested two juveniles for gang related graffiti.April 2008 Project Complete
Ofc. Sprague Southeast Team Certain investigations produce surveillance photos of a suspect; however, the suspect identity is unknown. This often results in an uncleared case. A bulletin board was purchased and placed in the briefing room at the Lancaster County Jail. Photos are updated periodically with a "possible identity" sheet placed next to each image. Correctional officers spend a significant amount of time with individuals lodged at the jail. Correctional officers have agreed to assist with identifying some of the suspects to achieve a higher clearance rate for LPD cases.March 2008 Project Complete
SE Team
Third Shift
Southeast Team Sex offenders are required by state law to register their current address with law enforcement; however, a certain subset of these offenders are highly mobile and fail to comply with this law. Employees will take an active approach in locating all Level 3 Sex Offenders and obtain current address information from these individuals on a quarterly basis. All violations of the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry Act will be vigorously enforced.January 2008 Continuous
NE Team Officers Northeast Team In an effort to decrease the number of outstanding warrants in the Northeast Team area, officers researched wanted persons by using CrimeView Web mapping. They used last known address and employment information to locate the offenders. During the three week project, 67 warrants were cleared, 1 misdemeanor and 2 narcotics citations issued.January 2008 Project Complete
Capt Woolman
Sgt Walsh Mayor's Aide, Jon Carlson
SW Team Officers
Southwest Team The SW Team has a large area of high density residential units. The vast majority of these residential units are not owner occupied and do not have an on-site manager. These addresses drain a lot of resources from the police department and the community. The increased calls for service, ranging from simple disturbances to felony property and persons crimes, cause the tension between police, neighbors and violators to rise. Employees involved in this project will review incidents at addresses where quality of life is being disturbed. A letter will be sent to the owner of the address outlining the problems occurring there, the names of those involved, arrests made and a request that owners take reasonable steps to address the situation. Subsequent violations and a failure to address the situation could result in a citation to the owner for Maintaining a Disorderly House. The goal of this project is to include property owners in helping to reduce the problem addresses. January 2008 Continuous
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