Services we provide:
Monthly Meetings and Community Forums - The RHC schedules monthly executive meetings and quarterly Community Forums for members and concerned citizens to come together and discuss issues facing the hospitality industry and collaboratively develop creative solutions to these issues.
Management Training - The RHC provides owners and managers with information needed to protect their business from legal, financial, and criminal liability, ensure customer safety, and maintain profitability. Cost is $75.00 per person.
BASIC Server Training - The RHC provides liquor establishment employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide responsible service. Cost is $10.00 per person, 20 person minimum.
On-site Consulting - A team of professionals from the Lincoln area will visit your establishment and provide you with a detailed review of your business practices relating to alcohol service. This visit will help you to take a critical look at your business and your serving practices. Cost varies.
Voluntary Compliance Checks - At your request, the RHC will perform undercover compliance checks at your establishment and provide a written summary for your use in training and rewarding employees. Cost varies.
Bar Hot Sheets - The RHC compiles monthly data regarding patron citations for alcohol- related incidents. The information is mailed to liquor-licensed establishments, allowing owners and managers to screen for problem customers.

Last Drink Data - Through a self-reported survey, Cornhusker Detox learns where clients had their last drink before being admitted to Detox. The RHC then compiles this information, and shares individual information with individual businesses. Business owners/managers are encouraged to take the necessary steps to resolve problems with over-service to customers.

Who are we?:
Executive Council

Bob Jergensen
P.O Pears
Captain Joy Citta
Lincoln Police Department
Linda Major
University of Nebraska
Matt Herman
D & D Distributing
Rand Wiese

Contact Us:

Responsible Hospitality Council
Downtown Senior Center
1005 'O' Street
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Phone: 402-437-7880
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