Traffic Engineering Monitoring Cameras

The City of Lincoln receives feeds from closed circuit television cameras located throughout the city, allowing operations staff to track traffic conditions at key locations. Feeds from these cameras are also used by other City departments, including Lincoln Police Department, and made available to the general public, media outlets and other agency partners.

Many of these cameras can provide multiple views from a single camera through pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. As such, you may see different views if you visit a camera location at different times.

The use of these cameras includes monitoring traffic during special events such as the Lincoln Marathon and Husker football games; severe weather conditions to monitor water overtopping streets; daily peak hour traffic conditions; crashes; and construction activities. With these cameras being connected to the City’s Traffic Management Center via fiber optic or other communications media, staff are able to see real-time traffic conditions throughout the city and react, as necessary, with revised signal timings, barricading and dispatch of field crews to address the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Traffic Monitoring Cameras Recorded?

No, the cameras are used only for monitoring live events.

Are the cameras used for Red Light Running?

No. In fact, enforcement of red light running is prohibited by State statute.

What are the different types of cameras used for?

The City of Lincoln Traffic Engineering Division uses two types of camera systems. One system, which is the focus of this website, is to monitor live traffic conditions or events. The second camera system is used to detect the presence of vehicles at, or approaching, a signalized intersection. Neither of these cameras have the ability to record video, and presently only the first system sends live feeds to the web.

Are new camera locations going to be added?

Traffic Engineering plans to add or update approximately 12 cameras per year, budget dependent of course. These locations will be determined by traffic volume or monitoring needs to ensure adequate geographic coverage of the entire City.

Why does it state “CAMERA NOT AVAILABLE”?

From time to time, cameras may be out of service because of construction, weather conditions, or mechanical or electrical failure. These cameras will be restored to service as soon as possible.