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School Crossing Protection Program

Police Support

One of the priorities for the Police Department is the enforcement of traffic and pedestrian laws around the City's public and parochial schools. Through the use of "selective enforcement", the Traffic Enforcement Unit impacts traffic violations at selected locations during specific times of the day. As a matter of record, the majority of violations observed are speeding, failing to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian and turning violations.

During the 1998-99 school year the Department conducted a total of 1,685 hours of selective enforcement and issued a total of 6,676 citations. This compares to 2,528 hours and 10,014 citations for the 1997-98 school year. This decline in numbers is due in part to the reassignment of Traffic Officers to general patrol duties.

Each year the department undertakes a major traffic enforcement project during the first three weeks of school. This project is followed by periodic "mini-projects" throughout the year. These projects are funded through a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety which allow the department to assign additional officers during the school year to traffic assignments around the city's schools.

For the past five years, the Traffic Enforcement Unit has conducted a training to allow each school's Safety Chairperson access to a Speed Read-out Display unit. This radar speed detection device allows the school to monitor potential problem areas around their respective school. If the use of this device shows a problem location, then the information is forwarded to the Traffic Unit for enforcement. This program is scheduled to continue for the 1999-2000 school year with one training session to be held in the fall of 1999 and one training session to be held in the spring of 2000. Contact the Traffic Enforcement Unit of the Lincoln Police Department for more information.


School Crossing Protection Program