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School Crossing Protection Program

Prohibition Of Right-Turn-On-Red

The following criteria is used to prohibit the right turn on red movement at fully signalized intersections that are designated as school crossings:

  1. Vehicle and pedestrian volumes, along with the pedestrian right-of-way violations are recorded, during the A.M., Noon and P.M. periods when children are crossing, on their way to and from school.
  2. The vehicle and pedestrian volumes are summarized and the exposure rate of school children to vehicles turning right-on-red and right-on-green are computed for each crosswalk.
  3. Prohibiting the "Right-Turn-on-Red" movement during the hours when children are present is recommended, for the directions where the right-turn-on-red exposure rate is significantly higher than right-turn-on-green.

Message Signs - "No Right On Red" and "No Left Turn"


School Crossing Protection Program