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School Traffic Information

2016-2017 School Speed Zone Flasher Schedules and Message Signs

Speed Zone Flasher Schedules by Location Speed Zone Flasher Schedules by School Message Signs

Map of Locations

All schedules in PDF format. PDF

Public Schools

  • Belmont
    14th at Hartley
  • Brownell
    Holdrege at 61st
  • Calvert
    Calvert at 46th
  • Campbell
    Superior and 20th
  • Clinton
    29th and Holdrege
  • Elliot
    25th and "O"
    "P" at 25th
    "Q" at 25th
  • Everett: 1 | 2
    9th and "A"
    9th and "D"
    10th and "A"
    10th and "D"
    13th and "A"
    13th and "G"
  • Hartley
    31st and Vine
    33rd and Vine
  • Holmes
    South at 52nd
  • Huntington
    Adams at 46th
    48th and Adams
  • Irving: 1 | 2
    27th and Van Dorn
    Van Dorn at 20th
  • Kahoa
    70th at Huntington
    70th and Leighton
  • Lefler
    48th at Bryson
  • McPhee: 1 | 2
    13th and "A"
    13th and "G"
    16th and "G"
    17th and "G"
  • Mickle
    70th and Leighton
    70th at Huntington
  • Morley
    70th at Lincolnshire
  • Park
    13th and "A"
    13th and "G"
  • Pershing
    Fremont at 64th
  • Prescott
    South at 20th
  • Pyrtle: 1 | 2
    84th and Sandalwood
    "A" at Cottonwood
  • Randolph: 1 | 2
    33rd and "D"
    40th and "D"
    "A" at 37th
    Randolph at 36th
  • Riley
    48th at Orchard
  • Rousseau
    33rd at Calvert
  • Saratoga
    13th and South
    13th and Saratoga
  • Schoo
    Hwy. 34 and Fletcher
  • Sheridan: 1 | 2
    27th and Van Dorn
    South at 30th
    Sheridan at Van Dorn
  • Zeman
    56th and Elkcrest

Private Schools

Message Signs - "No Right on Red" and "No Left Turn"


School Traffic Information