Street Condition Update

Thursday, December 18, 2014
9:40 a.m.
For More Information:
Public Works Snow Center – 402-441-7644

City street maintenance crews engaged in a full-scale material spreading operation as snow began to accumulate at about 5 a.m. Overnight crews have been applying material as needed since the snow began to fall around 2:30 a.m. In the current full-scale operation, material spreaders have been deployed on all 19 major routes.

Citizens are asked to call the Public Works Snow Center at 402-441-7644 to report any trouble spots. Lincoln Police Department reports a total of 28 accidents as of 9 a.m. today. Motorists are advised to exercise caution when driving. StarTran reports that buses are generally running on time with some routes delayed about five minutes.

Please stay informed on the status of snow operations in Lincoln. Additional information is available on the City website at and in the blue pages of your phone directory. If you have questions, you may call the Public Works Snow Center at 402-441-7644.