Snow Angels Volunteers

Name Location Primary Phone Additional Contact Notes
*Crossbridge Christian Church
Contact: Vern Schulte
Northeast 2800 Crossbridge Rd. 402-202-0752 402-438-6443
*St. Luke United Methodist Church
Contact: Scott Opfer
Northwest 1621 Superior Street (c) 402-525-5619 (h) 402-475-3480
*South Gate United Methodist Church
Contact: Greg Nelson
Southeast 3500 Pioneers Blvd. 402-489-8008
Josh Southeast 3116 Wildbriar Ln. (c) 402-314-5444
Duane Hickenbottom Southeast 4940 S 47th St. (c) 402-419-6620
Flores Family Southeast 5438 S. 32nd St. (c) 402-217-6833 (c) 402-570-4164 No snow blower
Jamie Southeast 4310 Meredeth St. (c) 402-601-4211
Mike Southeast 6228 S. 96th St. (c) 402-525-1157
Dawn Central 2220 C Street (c) 402-802-7068
Doug Weishahn East 1516 Sunset Rd. (h) 402-484-5557 (c) 402-432-2476
(w) 402-323-1691
Jeff Knievel Central 3501 "D" St. (c) 402-499-3978 Available any weekday evening and all day on weekends.
Todd Kinghorn Southeast Pine Lake Road & Beaver Creek (c) 402-560-8250
Kristine Miriovsky Central 1034 S 29th (c) 402-417-5931
Jolene East Mulder Dr. and Campbell (c) 402-802-2306
Jimmy Schulz Southeast 3040 S 40th (c) 402-525-1414
Cindy Consbruck Southwest 1642 Perkins (c) 402-890-4844
Dave Pleskac South SouthPointe Area (c) 402-304-0392 Available before 7 a.m. and after 6 p.m. Available most weekends; sometimes travel during the week. Have snow blower. Email contact is preferred.
Darin Derock Northwest 5001 W Kent St. (c) 402-805-1035 (h) 402-470-3397 Nearby locations only, please.
Paul Isom Southeast 5241 S 52nd St. (c) 402-304-5048
Doyle Helmink Northeast 91st and Leighton - Harrison Heights Association (c) 402-430-8760 Snow blower only - no shoveling.
Scott Berner Southeast 84th and Pine Lake (c) 402-710-3049
Spencer Bolte Northwest 3708 Paxton Drive (c) 402-366-1971
Anthony Heller South 27th & Pine Lake (c) 402-875-1245 Have snow blower.
Brian Joe Southeast 38th and Old Cheney (c) 402-770-3433
Jason C. South 27th & Old Cheney (c) 402-326-4834 Not available if school is closed. Have snow blower.
Arne Olson Central 27th and Holdrege (c) 402-601-0568 Willing to travel if there is a heavy snow event. Have equipment. Call early.
Michelle Southeast 40th and Sumner (c) 402-450-4278 LPS teacher available all day on snow days and weekends, or weekdays after 4 p.m.
Joe Gandara Northeast University Place/Weselyn (h) 402-904-4841 (c) 402-217-5597
John Hohbein Southeast 56th and Sherman St. (c) 402-309-4897
Tom Southeast 84th and Pioneers (c) 402-540-2182 Have snow blower.
Trey South 27th and Old Cheney (c) 402-853-3616 Available after 6 p.m.
Austin South 27th and Van Dorn (c) 402-499-6499 Have snow blower. Available nights and weekends.
Adam Ellis Northwest NW 8th and Cornhusker Hwy (h) 402-981-5179 No snow blower.
Winter family Southwest 2019 Lake St. (h) 402-805-4429 No snow blower.
Jenny Turechek Northwest 1st and Fairfield (c) 402-601-3533 No snow blower. Available after 5.
Josh Haws Southeast 5440 Sumner St. (h) 402-483-4511 No snow blower. Available in the morning.
Jose and Shauna Jones South 3623 Osullivan Road (c) 405-641-1250 Available after 6:30 p.m. during the week or anytime on weekends. No snow blower. Please note the 405 area code.
Adam Schroeder Quadrant 3125 Wildbriar Lane (c) 402-730-9776 Have snow blower, but no trailer to haul so prefer to stay in the neighborhood; can shovel smaller projects outside of neighborhood.
Kevin Johnson Southeast 6840 S 52nd (c) 402-730-5216 Available before 8 a.m. or after 5:30 p.m. Have snow blower.
Hannah Birge Northeast 3151 N Cotner Blvd. (c) 612-750-1111 No snow blower.
Ron Stump Northwest NW 8th and W Jennifer (Highlands area) (c) 402-432-9010 (h) 402-476-2129 Available 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Have snow blower and equipped to haul it, so can travel to other neighborhoods (road conditions permitting).
Michael Cloud Central 353 S 26th (c) 402-601-6211 Available primarily mornings and evenings. No snow blower.
Roger Pew Southeast 48th and Calvert (c) 402-416-2708 Available any day after snow storm. Have snow blower.
Ali and Michael Butchko Northwest 509 Fletcher Ave. (c) 763-226-9274 (c) 651-249-1384 Available before 8 a.m., after 5 p.m. or any weekend. No snow blower.
Ruth Reeg Central 16th and "E" (h) 402-435-6862 Available 7 a.m.-noon and evening hours if necessary. No snow blower.
Connor Bohlken Northeast 5000 St. Paul Ave. (c) 402-613-2403 Available afternoons 1-4, Evenings 6-9, weekends. No snow blower.
Kristina Williamson South 2841 Tierra Dr. (c) 402-417-6940 Available Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. No snow blower.
UNL Freshman Campus Leadership Associates
Contact: Libby Stevenson
Central 540 N 16th St. (c) 402-681-4556 Available most weekends.
Mega Sugianto East 70th and "A" (c) 626-679-2780 Available Mondays and Tuesdays, early morning or late afternoon. No snow blower.
Sean Viale East Central 48th and Vine St. (c) 904-239-1686 Available most days except Mondays. No snow blower.
Michael & Jenna Dorton East 84th and "A" (c) 402-875-1952 (c) 402-875-1953 Available Monday-Friday after 5, weekends anytime, maybe early morning. Have snow blower.
Trevor Thompson Northeast 6332 Logan Ave. (h) 402-890-5365 (c) 402-314-1270
(w) 402-475-5161 ext 338
Available everday, usually within 24 hours of snowfall. No snow blower.
Ken Catlin Southeast 7415 Tiffany Rd. (c) 402-217-3470 (c) 402-217-1095 Available anytime. No snow blower.
Marita Southeast 70th and Van Dorn (c) 402-217-3630 Available weekdays after 5 p.m. and weekends. No snow blower.
Judy Douthit North 29th & Fletcher (h) 402-466-3832 (leave a message) (w) 402-472-4871 (M-F 8-5) Available early morning, evenings after 5, weekends. No snow blower.
Brian Stilwell Central 3050 "N" St. (c) 402-326-6031 Available weekends and after 7 p.m. weekdays. The closer to my home that I can offer my assistance the better. No snow blower.
Ted LaGrange Southeast 7300 Country Hill Circle (c) 402-310-4304 Available any time that I am not out of town for work. I don't have a snow blower, but enjoy scooping by hand. I can do sidewalks and a fairly short driveway, but may not be able to do a long drive.
Mark Felker Southwest 14th and Old Cheney (c) 402-304-5398 Available any time. No snow blower.
Roxann Buchholz Northwest 6131 NW 7th St (c) 402-560-4631 (h) 402-476-1467 Available any time. No snow blower.
*LNE Baseball
Contact: Jerry Dittenber
East 9641 Yellow Pine Rd. (c) 402-416-9033 Available weekday afternoons and weekend mornings. Have snow blower.
Renee Langan Central 11th and "E" (c) 402-304-9382 Available M-F before 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m., and anytime on weekends. No snow blower.
Margaret Ehle North/Central 39th and Baldwin Ave. (c) 402-300-1111 Available weekday mornings and weekends. No snow blower.
*Theta Chi
Contact: William Duffy
Northeast 56th and Adams (c) 402-525-0641 Campus activities may limit availability at times. No snow blower.
Kate Walker Southeast 70th and South (c) 402-314-1416 Availability varies. Have snow blower.

*Indicates a group/organization.