14th Street - Warlick Blvd - Old Cheney Road Intersection Improvement Project: Design Competition

July 23, 2013 Update

Changes Coming to 14th, Warlick and Old CheneyLong-term solution to wait for roundabout review

Mayor Chris Beutler today announced that the City will make inexpensive, short-term changes to improve traffic flow at the intersecting roadways at 14th Street, Warlick Boulevard and Old Cheney Road. But he said more permanent changes will be delayed until the City completes a review of roundabout safety and performance.


Design drawing - short-term improvements (463 K) PDF Document

January 3, 2013 Update

The selection committee reviewing proposed designs for the intersections of 14th Street, Warlick Boulevard and Old Cheney Road has decided to take more time to evaluate the alternatives. Three traffic engineering firms participating in the City's first intersection design competition unveiled their plans to improve traffic and safety flow in the area November 15, and the committee had planned to make a recommendation by the end of December.


About the Design Competition

The City is using a leading edge innovative approach to solving one of Lincoln's toughest traffic challenges.

  • A first of its kind traffic design competition is being tried to improve the 14th Street – Warlick Blvd – Old Cheney Road Intersection.
  • Eight firms submitted proposals for this competition and three finalists have been selected to provide the best possible concepts.
  • Public involvement formed the basis for launching the competition to help shape the design concepts and inform city decision makers.

Design firms and the City of Lincoln will use the competition to find the best possible innovations to improve safety and reduce traffic congestion.

  • The best concept must address current and long-term future needs for the project area to include increased population and commercial development, pedestrian and bicycle use, with minimal impacts to neighboring properties.
  • Design services include proper consideration of utility conflicts, right-of-way impacts, storm sewer needs, constructability, level of service, cost – benefit analysis and total project cost.
  • The city's selection committee will recommend the firm with the best concept based on public input and engineering factors to then be approved by the mayor to complete the project design.

Priorities for the design competition ensure the community will have a holistic long-term solution.

  • Project design goals include:
    • Enhanced safety
    • Increased capacity
    • Minimized right-of-way impacts
    • Cost effective
    • Multi-modal (vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians)
    • Incorporates sustainable elements
    • Project aesthetics including potential city-entry gateway elements
    • Meets project schedule
  • Project area stakeholder priorities include:
    • Increase safety and reduce peak hours traffic congestion
    • Desire for pedestrian and bicycle trail connectivity
    • Eliminate awkward 14th Street & Warlick Road cross-over
    • Minimize private land taken for project
    • Reduce traffic on Old Cheney Road west of Warlick and bring back residential character of traffic flow, by closing Old Cheney at 1st Street
  • Keep the project area stakeholders and the general public involved

PDF Version of Design Competition (566 K) PDF Document