Antelope Park: "A" Street to South Street

Project AC-P04

The City of Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Watershed Division, the City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department, and the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District are implementing planned improvements to Antelope Park as part of the Antelope Creek Watershed Basin Master Plan. Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality has provided grant funding to support the project. The project aims to improve stormwater quality, reduce stormwater flow velocities, and provide environmental education opportunities for the general public. The project area includes the meandering channel along Memorial Drive, a portion of the park southwest of Auld Pavilion, and an area along Rock Island Trail south of A Street.

The design includes several features and proposed improvements to improve stormwater quality by slowing down the runoff and allowing it to be naturally treated before it enters Antelope Creek. Stormwater management practices include a parking lot curb cut, a rain garden, infiltration basins, streambank stabilization, and various native plantings. Many of the stormwater management practices not only improve water quality but also add habitat and aesthetic value to the park.

Public Involvement

Open House - May 2, 2013
5:00 to 6:30 p.m.
Auld Pavilion, Antelope Park
Open House Handout (298 K) PDF

Project Contacts

  • City of Lincoln

    Ben Higgins, Watershed Management
    Phone: 402-441-7589

  • EA Engineering, Science, and Technology

    Robb Lutz
    Phone: 402-476-3766