Lincoln Children's Zoo Water Quality and Educational Project

Project AC-P06

The City of Lincoln Watershed Management and The Schemmer Associates Inc., along with teaming partners The Clark Enersen Partners, the City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department, Lincoln Children's Zoo, Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, and Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality are working on preliminary design of a water quality improvement and educational project at the Lincoln Children's Zoo. This project was identified as Project AC-P06 in the Watershed basin Management Plan for Antelope Creek.

The Antelope Creek Watershed Basin Management Plan recommended water quality projects and non-structural programs to address water quality improvements to the watershed. The primary goal of the projects recommended by the Plan is to reduce pollutant loads below EPA criteria and to eventually remove this stream segment from the impaired waters list. The proposed projects also seek to provide education to the public about water quality.

The Lincoln Children's Zoo is one of the main attractions located along the bank of Antelope Creek, where approximately 180,000 visitors annually experience and learn about animals and the environment. The purpose of this project is to reduce runoff and promote infiltration at the Lincoln Children's Zoo site in order to reduce pollution fl owing into Antelope Creek, and also to educate the public about water quality. Major features of this project include a “green” roof on the Animal Kingdom Building, bioretention and bioswale areas, permeable pavers and a rainwater cistern to collect roof runoff. Educational aspects of the project will be promoted through educational signage, an observation deck that will allow public viewing of the “green” roof, and an interactive educational area near the rainwater cistern.

The final design is anticipated for completion in 2013, with construction completion anticipated in 2015.

Public Involvement

Open House - May 2, 2013
5:00 to 6:30 p.m.
Auld Pavilion, Antelope Park
Open House Handout (124 K) PDF

Project Contacts

  • City of Lincoln

    Jared Nelson, PE
    Public Works and Utilities, Watershed Management
    Phone: 402-441-7589

  • The Schemmer Associates Inc.

    Matthew J. Sutton, PE
    Phone: 402-493-4800