7th and Old Cheney Area Drainage Improvement Project

August 2015

Project Information

The City of Lincoln and Alfred Benesch & Company will begin construction the week of August 10, 2015 on a Drainage Improvement Project near 7th and Old Cheney Road, in between Hunts Drive and Limestone Road. The purpose of this project is to reduce the flooding along Old Cheney. Construction is planned to be complete no later than Spring 2016.

This drainage project will improve channel capacity and establish grade control structures to prevent erosion along the new improved drainage way. The drainage structure at 701 Old Cheney Road will also be replaced with a larger reinforced concrete box culvert.

Traffic During Construction

During construction, lanes will be closed to through-traffic with access maintained solely to businesses and residences along Old Cheney Road. All traffic from Hunts Drive will be directed west along Old Cheney Road to use Highway 77 during construction. All traffic from Limestone Road will be directed East along Old Cheney Road to use Warlick Boulevard during construction.

Project Contacts