Residential Street Rehabilitation - 2014 Construction Season

Typical rehabilitation projects improve existing roadways by grinding and replacing roadway surfacing. While resurfacing is the primary focus of rehab work, additional work may be done to repair concrete base failures, replace inadequate curbs and improve storm water facilities.

Resurfacing on 49th Street during the 2013 construction season Resurfacing on 49th Street during the 2013 construction season

The following street sections are scheduled for resurfacing in 2014:

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  • 9th from Hartley to Fairfield
  • Groveland from 9th to 10th
  • Manatt from 9th to 11th
  • Grandview Blvd. from 10th to Lewis
  • 11th from Vale to Grandview
  • Northpark Blvd. from Lewis to Holltorf
  • 11th from Adams to Groveland
  • Whittier St. from Holdrege to Potter
  • 24th from Holdrege to Potter
  • 25th from Holdrege to Fair
  • 25th from "O" to "P"
  • Pear St. from 27th to 29th
  • 41st from Adams to Greenwood
  • 46th from "O" to "R"
  • 50th from "O" to "R"
  • 52nd from "X" to Orchard
  • 61st from Logan to Havelock
  • Morrill Ave. from 64th to 66th
  • 68th from Adams to Fremont
  • 68th from Colby to Leighton
  • Garland St. from 68th to 70th
  • Meadowdale Dr. from 70th to Orchard
  • Meadowdale Dr. from Orchard to Scenic
  • S Eldora Ln. from 70th to Joyce
  • E Eldora Ln. from Joyce to 70th
  • Joyce Ave. from E Eldora to 73rd
  • 73rd from Joyce to W Avon
  • Folkways Blvd from 20th to 21st
  • 28th from Randolph to "O"
  • "L" from 27th to Roger's Memorial Dr.
  • Woods Ave. from 33rd to 38th
  • "N" from 37th to 38th
  • Steele Ave. from "L" to 39th
  • 39th St. from "J" to "L"


  • 6th from "A" to "D"
  • 7th from "A" to Sumner
  • Sumner from 6th to 9th
  • Garfield from 16th to 17th
  • Marilynn Ave. from Woods to Pace
  • Canterbury Ln. from Jameson South to Tipperary
  • 28th from "D" to Randolph
  • 29th from "F" to Randolph
  • "F" from 29th to 33rd
  • 34th from Lake to South
  • Southgate Blvd. from Pioneers to 33rd
  • "D" from 37th to 40th
  • 38th from Pioneers to 39th
  • Briarpark Dr. from 40th to 48th
  • Lowell Ave. from 47th to 51st
  • Lowell Ave. from 52nd to 54th
  • Sherman St. from 44th to 46th
  • Sherman St. from 48th to 51st
  • Bryson St. from Valley to 48th
  • "J" from 48th to 52nd
  • 55th from Randolph to "L"

Project Locations

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  • Residential Resurfacing Locations
  • Under Construction
  • Complete