Sidewalk Repair Project

27th to 30th – Mopac Trail to Fair
28th from Fair to Leighton

April 18, 2014

The City of Lincoln has awarded a contract for sidewalk repair in an area of the Clinton Neighborhood. This repair contract encompasses the area from 27th Street to 30th Street from Mopac Trail to Fair Street and 28th Street from Fair Street to Leighton Avenue. The contract for this work has been awarded to R & C Construction of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Contractor has indicated work will begin within the next several days. It is expected the sidewalk repairs in this neighborhood will take 50 to 90 days to complete. The repair work will involve removal and replacement of marked sections of sidewalk. This work will also include construction of curb access ramps at intersections where ramps do not currently exist. This will involve lowering the sidewalk at ramp locations to meet requirements associated with ADA design guidelines. In some situations, short retaining walls or six-inch curb may be constructed to minimize the grading in the area along the sidewalks.

There will be some inconvenience to residents and businesses in this area as sidewalk sections are removed and replaced and sidewalk locations are closed and barricaded to complete this work. Driveways may also be closed for short durations to complete work on sidewalk through driveways.

We request the patience and cooperation of residents and businesses in this area as the Contractor progresses with this work. If you have a sprinkler system, it is advisable that you mark the location of the sprinkler lines and heads. The City does not accept responsibility for repair of sprinkler systems.

This project is funded with funds through the Urban Development TIF funds. The Public Works and Utilities Department will administer this contract, and Alfred Benesch and Company will provide construction management and inspection of the project. If you have any questions or comments, please call one of the phone numbers shown below.

Project Contacts

  • Project Manager

    Steve Irons
    Alfred Benesch & Company
    Phone: 402-310-7459

  • Project Contractor

    Rene Solc
    R & C Construction
    Phone: 402-432-2145


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