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Recycling helps to save landfill space, creates jobs to collect and process the recyclables, conserves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. For these reasons, the City has established a goal of increasing waste reduction and recycling and reducing the per capita disposal by 30 percent by 2040. This means reducing our per capita disposal rate of 1,970 pounds per person in 2014 to 1,475 pounds per person, per year by 2040.

You can do your part to help us reach this goal by reducing waste and recycling. The Waste Reduction and Recycling Guide PDF includes a wide variety of alternatives to help us reach our goal.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Guide Waste Reduction and Recycling Guide (3.37 M) PDF

Recycle! Lincoln (942 K) PDF

Recycle! Lincoln is an initiative to increase recycling opportunities that expand the local economy and reduce the need for expensive landfill expansions.