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#51/52 - West 'A' • Gaslight Saturday Service

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#51 - West 'A' Saturday Service

Leave Gold's 11th Street 6th & "D" SW 27th & W South 6th & "D" Arrive Gold's "N" Street
- - 7:00A 7:15A 7:30A
8:30A 8:45A 9:00A 9:15A 9:30A
10:30A 10:45A 11:00A 11:15A 11:30A
12:30P 12:45P 1:00P 1:15P 1:30P
2:30P 2:45P 3:05P 3:15P 3:30P
4:30P 4:45P 5:00P 5:15P 5:30P

#52 - Gaslight Saturday Service

Leave Gold's "N" Street 1st & Fairfield Technology Park NW 4th & W Beal Cornhusker & W Dawes Arrive Gold's 11th Street
7:30A 7:45A 7:50A 8:00A 8:15A 8:30A
9:30A 9:45A 9:50A 10:00A 10:15A 10:30A
11:30A 11:45A 11:50A 12:00P 12:15P 12:30P
1:30P 1:45P 1:50P 2:00P 2:15P 2:30P
3:30P 3:45P 3:50P 4:00P 4:15P 4:30P
5:30P 5:45P 5:50P 6:00P - -
#51/52 - West 'A' • Gaslight Saturday Service

All Route Transfer Locations

  • A Golds - 11th St. site
  • B Gold's - 'N' St. side
  • C State Office Bldg. - 14th St. side
  • D State Office Bldg. - 'M' St. side

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Bus Schedules and Route Maps