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Recycling Operations

Drop-Off Site Locations

Recycling Drop-Off Site Locations

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Map Key
Multi-material sitesAluminum cans, Cardboard, Residential mixed paper, Glass bottles and jars, Newspaper, #1 thru #5 plastic containers, Tin cans
Newspaper onlyNewspaper only

Lancaster County

  • Bennet Refuse Transfer Station
  • Davey Refuse Transfer Station
  • Denton 2nd & 91st Streets
  • Firth Community Center
  • Hallam Village Shop
  • Hickman City Park
  • Malcolm Village Shop
  • Panama Refuse Transfer Station
  • Waverly Honey Creek Restaurant
Materials Accepted at the Multi-Material Recycling Sites Acceptable Not Acceptable
Newspapers Inserts/ads are OK.
Put newspapers in paper bag.
No other paper.
Cardboard Boxes Flatten cardboard and paperboard (i.e. cereal boxes).
All boxes must be flattened and placed inside recycling containers.
No packing material.
No waxed cardboard.
Cans All food and beverage cans. Rinse, clean and flatten aluminum and tin cans and place in separate recycling compartments. No aluminum foil.
No pie pans.
No metal cookware.
No metal parts.
Glass Bottles and Jars All food and beverage glass. Green, brown and clear glass. Labels are OK. Rinse clean, take off lids, separate by color and place in separate recycling compartments. No drinking glasses.
No window glass.
No light bulbs.
No lids.
Plastic #1 - #5 Containers All #1 thru #5 plastic bottles and containers. Labels are OK. Rinse clean. Take off lids. Flatten containers to save space. No motor oil containers.
No plastic toys.
No other plastic #6 or #7 containers.
No plastic sacks.
No polystyrene packaging.
No plastic lawn chemical bottles.
No plastic syringes.
Residential Mixed Papers Mail, magazines, office and school paper, telephone directories and shredded paper. Put clean paper together in paper bag. No tissue paper.
No milk cartons or juice boxes.
No paper plates.
No newspaper.
No cardboard.
No paperboard.
What happens next?
Read more about the Second Life of Recyclables PDF Document -- this list identifies products made from the items you recycle at City drop-off sites.

PDF Version of Drop-off Sites Map (374 K) PDF Document

Recycling Operations