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Save Money And Reduce Trash

Take Home Less Packaging

One-third of the trash from households is product packaging. Product packaging has its purpose, such as making products safer and supplying information. But many items are over-packaged. Decisions you make while shopping can save you money and reduce the amount of trash that goes to the landfill.

More than $1 of every $10 we spend on food goes toward packaging. You can save money by adding some of the following suggestions to your shopping routine.

Buy Large or Economy-sized Items

Large-quantity items usually have less packaging per unit, which lowers cost. This could include purchases such as laundry soap, shampoo, toilet paper, pet food, and cat litter. For food items, select the largest size you can use before spoilage would occur.

Avoid over-packaged products

Reject excessively packaged products. Packaging can be appropriate if used to: Convey necessary information, ensure safety or prevent spoilage.

Buy Recyclable and Reusable Products

  • Buy products made from "post consumer" recycled materials. These materials were used by a consumer before being recycled.
  • Buy Lincoln's recyclable products. Glass, tin, aluminum, newspaper, cardboard and some plastics are collected for recycling at Lincoln's drop-off sites.
  • Buy reusable products. Disposables such as razors and paper towels create unnecessary waste unless safety is a factor.
  • Buy products and use returnable or refillable products. Refillable water containers and shopping bags are two examples of reusable products.

Know When NOT to Buy.

Rent products you only need temporarily. Sometimes a borrowed or used item is available and would better fit your needs rather than buying a product.

Express Your Opinion

Contact manufacturers about packaging. If you believe a product has too much packaging, write the manufacturer. Go a step further and compliment manufacturers who use the minimum amount of packaging needed. Also, ask store managers to stock products you prefer.

For More Information Call:   441-8215 or 441-7180

Recycling Programs