2014 "Be Waterwise" Fifth Grade Poster Contest

May 15, 2014

Mayor Chris Beutler today announced the winners of the annual water conservation poster contest. Lincoln fifth-graders participated in the art contest, sponsored by the Mayor's Water Conservation Task Force. The top two entries were submitted by Grace Akins of Morley Elementary School, whose artwork will be displayed on a StarTran busboard, and Braden Lackey of St. Teresa Elementary School, whose artwork will be displayed on billboards at various Lincoln locations.

"Our Water Conservation Task Force has played a big role in helping our city respond and adjust to the challenges Mother Nature has posed in the past," said Mayor Beutler. "The attention they've brought to past drought problems through promotional efforts such as the annual poster contest goes a long way in helping educate the community. It's always good to reinforce good conservation practices for our young people and set a great example for future generations to follow."

The third-place winner was Grady Arndt of Morley Elementary. Honorable mention awards were presented to Olivia Swanson, Kahoa Elementary; Nicole Davis, St. Teresa Elementary; Kayleen Nguyen, Kahoa Elementary; Jordanna French, Morley Elementary; Holly Ochsner, Kahoa Elementary; Morgan Madsen, Morley Elementary; and Brynn Drickey, Morley Elementary.

Front row from the left: Kayleen Nguyen, Grady Arndt, Mayor Beutler, Grace Akins, Braden Lackey, Olivia Swanson. Back row from the left: Nicole Davis, Holly Ochsner, Jordanna French, Brynn Drickey, Morgan Madsen