About the Artist: Allison Mattox

Allison Mattox was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, and spent long summer days playing outside and drawing every animal that she saw whether it had four legs or two wings. She has always enjoyed spending afternoons at the zoo taking photographs of all the animals and plants. Trying to capture that unique expression made by a monkey, or the rainbow of colors on a peacocks feathers.

She has a degree in Criminal Justice, and continues to capture nature through art projects. She is always thinking of new ways to create the wild animals so that you can hold them in your hands.

Other rain barrels by this artist:
2014: "Nebraska's Prairie"

Artwork Interpretation: "Feline and Feathers"

The first main focus of this rain barrel consists of a leopard sitting in the rainforest next to a tree decorated with tropical flowers watching the butterflies dance around. The second part of the rain barrel focuses on energetic Humboldt penguins resting near the edge of a waterfall and flying through the water. This rain barrel is trying to capture the power of a leopard alongside the loud personalities of a handful of penguins.