About the Artists: Matt Tiarks and Nickie Napierala of E&A Consulting Group, Inc.

Matt Tiarks and Nickie Napierala are the "attempted artists" of this rain barrel. They are two of a five member Planning Department at E&A Consulting Group, Inc. Their offices are located in Lincoln and Omaha, NE. E&A has taken part in numerous Low Impact Development projects such as pervious paving, bioswales, raingardens, and bioretention cells. Each time this company gets the opportunity to design and develop one of these projects it creates a desirable product that connects people with the environment and ultimately helps reduce our carbon footprint on earth.

For over 40 years, E&A has been dedicated to helping our client's visions become reality. This is accomplished by using innovative and sustainable design solutions to meet the needs of our clients and to minimize the impact on our environment.

"Sustainable Solutions for Today's Complex Problems."

Matt Tiarks (ASLA): Matt Tiarks has worked in commercial and residential landscape design and planning for over 5 years. After graduating from Iowa State University in 2004, with a four-year degree in Landscape Architecture, he worked for AgriScapes LLC, a golf course construction contractor, building golf courses on the East Coast. After working for AgriScape LLC for 2 years, he came back to Omaha and worked for Lanoha Nurseries for a year as a foreman and designer. Matt is the Landscape Architect for the Planning Department at E&A. He works with engineers to design and construct rain gardens, bio-retention, tree mitigation plans and other Low Impact Development Best Management Practices. Matt manages the installations of his landscape designs throughout the Omaha area ranging from residential to commercial projects. As a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, he is responsible for the inspection and correction of numerous 'Sanitary Improvement District' park playgrounds for safety hazards and routine maintenance.

Nicole Napierala: Nicole Napierala has worked at E&A Consulting for over 7 years. She graduated from Southeast Community College in Milford in 1999, with an Associates Degree in Architectural Engineering. After graduation, Nicole worked in Lincoln at a consulting firm on a transportation engineering team. In 2002, she moved to Omaha and worked in the Structural Department at Union Pacific Railroad. Nicole is a Design Technician for the Planning Department at E&A. She works with engineers and the landscape architect on various design projects for planning, platting, landscaping, park improvements and trail design. Nicole also supports the company's endeavors through color rendering exhibits, portfolios, posters and other marketing materials.

Artwork Interpretation: "umBARRELla"

Our design intent is to emphasize the beauty of the Nebraska prairie landscape, while the umbrella represents protecting and conserving Nebraska's water resources. This rain barrel is one of many ways we can treat rain water as a resource rather than a waste product.