About the Artist: Eastmont Towers Community

Established just south of Westfield Gateway in the 6300 block of O Street, Eastmont is home to approximately 300 seniors and a compassionate and caring staff of over 200 employees. Eastmont Towers Community appreciates just how much you value independence, peace of mind and access to quality healthcare.

Residents living in the Care Center and Live-In Center were invited along with staff to take part in painting our rain barrel. As we painted we exchanged stories of our loved ones and memories of growing up.

Artwork Interpretation: "A Walk Through the Years"

Our design was inspired by events we have encountered throughout our lives. Each silhouette represents a different time of our lives beginning with childhood, falling in love, having children, and growing old together. The silhouettes were created to allow each viewer to place themselves in the painting and relive their own loving memories.