About the Artist: Eric Saxon

Eric Saxon was born in Memphis, TN. After having his interest piqued by visual art while attending Stanford University, he returned to Memphis after graduation and had a series of visual art shows from 2002-2005 at galleries such as University of Memphis Art Museum, Marshall Arts, and Goner Records. Moving to San Francisco, Saxon spent the next years applying cut-up techniques to his Memphis work and continuing ongoing experiments in drawing, painting, and collage while working primarily as a freelance writer & proofreader. Saxon currently splits his time between Lincoln and San Francisco, and he will be attending UNL's Graduate School of Art History in the fall.

Artwork Interpretation: "White Cubes"

This work's inspiration comes from 1) speeding by the white cubes on Capitol Parkway in an automobile and 2) the black-figure vases of Archaic period Greece.