About the Artist: Kristy Topil

Hello, my name is Kristy Topil. I was born and raised on a farm by the small town of Rising City, Nebraska. I will graduate from Shelby High School in May 2011. I have always loved to paint and draw, however my true passion since I was a little girl is to work with animals. I have two dogs, Roxy and Rosco, and a few cats. I was very excited that I had been chosen for the Lincoln Watershed Management Artistic Rain Barrel Program. This is my chance to show people all the stories that the farm I live on holds and also make sure they will always be remembered. Everyday we are blessed with so many things. I get the chance to see the beauty of nature everyday by living on a farm. I hope this rain barrel painting will help people have a better understanding of nature through its environmental message.

Artwork Interpretation: "Summer Reflections"

I chose to paint this scene, because our barn is something I see everyday as I walk out of my house. This place has inspired me many times and is a refuge not only for me but for my animals. The reason I chose "Summer Reflections" as my title is because when I look at the barn, I am looking back at memories of my life. I remember when I was a very little girl watching the storms, all the lightning which my sister and I always thought was better than any fireworks show. Summer time is beautiful on the farm when everything seems to be brought back to life again by the rain that nourishes the land.