About the Artist: Lenn Marshall

Lenn Marshall, Airbrush artist & Lincoln native, owner of Creative Ink Screen Printing & Airbrush Co.

Lenn has been as artist since a very early age. In elementary school he submitted art and won various awards at local art contests. In Junior High, he designed logos and art for friends along with a new discovery, the airbrush. After teaching himself its capabilities, and starting high school, he got in to the hot rod and motorcycle scene, offering custom paint services to his gearhead friends. Soon after, he began being approached by people he didn't even know to design and paint on a wide variety of projects and decided to start his own business.

Working a full time job for someone else during the day and painting at night was the norm for many years. In 2002, after a company "sell out" and loss of the day time job, Lenn decided to take Creative Ink on full time. Since then, he has been airbrushing on everything from clothing, bikes and cars, to helicopters and corporate jets.

Artwork Interpretation: "Out of the Blue"

"Out of the Blue" depicts life in general. Each day you never know what is going to come at you. Some days you take a bite out of life, other days it takes a bite out of you. Either way, you must go on.